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    THORN FIT adjustable mat rack allows you to conveniently hang mats on the wall. Thanks to this solution, the mats are organized, take up less space and are always available for use.

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    THORN FIT Lifting straps will allow you to use more weight during workouts and improve your performance.

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    The THORN FIT YOKE gym rack and squat stand will prove to be a versatile workout station, and when combined with a barbell, weights or an adjustable bench, it will work great as the centerpiece of a home or professional gym (additional products available separately in our store).

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    Free-standing construction that allows the correct storage of the dumbbell. It has three levels of 1.2 m wide storage shelves. The storage space is set at a slight angle, which allows HEX to be conveniently and safely put away. The design allows for storage of the Hex set in the […]

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    THORN FIT Balls Storage fitness ball rack is a must-have for any gym. Thanks to its sturdy construction, you can store balls of any type on it. Mounting to the wall allows you to make maximum use of the available space.

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    The adjustable exercise bench is a basic, essential piece of equipment for every gym, both professional and home. Solidly made, load capacity up to 600 kg, comfortable and versatile adjustable are the most important features of Thorn Fit Gym Adjustable Bench.

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    Thorn Fit 10 Bar Storage is a rack that will make the most of your box space and home gym. The design allows you to store up to 10 griffins. It has a special polymer finish that protects the grips from damage and scratches. Storing barbells in a horizontal position extends their life.

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    The Thorn Fit Pull-Up Bar is a versatile addition to the home and professional gym. It will be perfect for muscle and spine strengthening exercises and to maintain a slim figure.

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    This set of two Thorn Fit Barbell Racks is a must-have for barbell training in any gym, professional or home. Barbell Racks are handy and easy to transport thanks to built-in transport wheels.

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    THORN FIT 9 Bar Holder significantly organizes and improves the efficiency of any training space thanks to its compact construction. The vertical, sleeve-first storage design keeps 9 olympic bars in place and thanks to special sockets, bars’ sleeves are protected and easy to insert and take out. Specifications: material: steel […]

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    THORNfit horizontal plate storage Offers versatile storage solution for any and all types of bumpers—including Competition plates, Training plates or even Enduro bumpers. You can take your olympic and training plates off the ground. Horizontal Plate Rack is a practical option for any training area. The Horizontal Plate rack is […]

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    THORN+fit Squat Stand is a space-efficient unit that is durable and easy to use. It is an all-in-one work station for squats, bench, clean pulls, floor press, overhead press, and much more. Both steel uprights are connected with base connector which improves functionality and overall stability of the unit. Specification: […]

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    Stable, durable and ergonomically designed and built with 70x50mm steel profiles. Wide base and a pair of angled, wide-set legs for maximised stability. Comfortable and wide seat supports proper training foundation underneath you. Easy to assemble and easy to manoeuvre at just 19kg weight. Specification: steel profile: 70x50mm base dimensions: 120cm […]

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    Transform your garage into small crossfit gym with our space saving power rack. THORN FIT wall mounted rack can be folded inward and outward for optimal space efficiency. When folded, THORN FIT WM1 rack takes up less than 14cm of space from the wall, which means that you can have […]