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    Stable, durable and ergonomically designed and built with 70x50mm steel profiles. Wide base and a pair of angled, wide-set legs for maximised stability. Comfortable and wide seat supports proper training foundation underneath you. Easy to assemble and easy to manoeuvre at just 19kg weight. Specification: steel profile: 70x50mm base dimensions: 120cm…

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    THORN+fit Adjustable Bench is stable, durable, ergonomically designed and built with 70x50mm steel profiles. It features six incline positions ranging from flat position up to approximately 85 degrees. The seat has also two adjustment settings. Thanks to that you can program their functional presses and arm movements through a full range of inclines.Wide-set…

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    You might already seen GHD sit-ups at the CrossFit Games but this device is not only about powerful abdominal contractions. THORN+fit Glute Ham Developer is a tool for strengthening muscles within the posterior chain, hamstrings and glutes. GHD supports also midline stability and development of the spinal erectors. THORN+fit GHD…

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    A Reverse Hyper Extension Machine is mostly used for physical therapy and back rehabilitation exercises. It helps to relieve the pressure and restore blood circulation to the injured area. It decompresses the spine and allows for dynamic strength development. Looking at its functionality, THORN+fit Reverse Hyper can also be used…