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    Cambered Bench Press bar is designed for training that supports increased range of motion. Enables ergonomic shoulder movement while heavy lifting. It offers diverse and multiple grip options for upper body exercises, ranging from narrow to regular and wide.

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    The Open Trap Bar has all the benefits of Trap Bar, while providing better and more comfortable access to variety of training movements. Thanks to the open design of the trap bar, you can perform more exercises, such as strides. The Open Trap bar has three grip thicknesses options for varying exercises and grading their difficulty.

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    Olympic 10kg training bar is built from the 190,000 PSI steel to bring you superior technical bar.  Olympic bar made of high quality steel is equipped with black zink bar and had chromed sleeves. 10kg training bar is equipped with a stronger double knurling for a perfect grip. Progressive dual knurl marks, exceptional feel and very good…

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    THORN+fit lifting straps are made of heavy-duty black cotton webbing that feels soft on the wrists but tough and secure around the bar. They are equipped with a single closed loop at one end and a carefully sewn off edge at the other to prevent fraying. If you work on heavier…

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    HEAVY METAL BAR has been made of high quality steel with a length of 2.2m and a maximum load of up to 680 kg! Precisely made sleeves has been equipped with 4 needle bearings that ensure smooth rotation. Additionally, sleeves have a special finish that increases stability of the plates. This bar’s knurling is medium sharp to support grip endurance and offer best performance for functional training.

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    The POWER LIFT BAR 20 kg is made of high-quality steel with a length of 220 cm and a maximum load of up to 680 kg. Movable heads ensure smooth rotation. The bar has been embossed to ensure maximum secure grip and stable hold on the magnesia.

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    The Thorn Fit Axle Bar is a simple training barbell without pivot sleeves. The shorter design and increased diameter translates into a new and interesting challenge compared to a regular barbell.

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    The THORN FIT Deadlift Bar is the perfect deadlift bar. This consists of a combination of high strength steel – 195,000 PSI, a longer overall length of 230 cm instead of the standard 220 cm and a reduced grip diameter to 27 mm. With the above features, the Deadlift Bar from Thorn Fit can be lifted from a higher point.

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    THORN FIT Bow Bar is a cambered bar that significantly improves stability and reduces pressure on your shoulder joints while squatting. Training with our new specialty bar is much more comfortable and efficient. It was build not only for squats but also for good mornings, lunges, shrugs and bench presses.…

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    Limited Olympic Bar ODIN is a product for the most demanding athletes who put attention to both – durability and supreme performance. Our bar is made of high quality steel and is equipped with oxidised sleeves and shaft finished with gold ceramic coating. This solution provides the best performance when…

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    Pair of olympic bar clamps with locking mechanism designed to hold tight on repeated drops. Fields of use weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, multipurpose Features easy to both lock-on and remove fit most olympic weightlifting bars do not cause damage your plates nor bars lightweight, durable and effective

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    The set of 2 Thorn Fit HD Training Collar barbell clamps is made of high quality aluminum and equipped with rubber inserts to protect the barbell. The closing mechanism of the clamp stabilizes the load when dropping the barbell.

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    The set of 2 Thorn Fit HD Training Collar bar clamps is made of high quality aluminum and equipped with rubber inserts to protect the bar. The clamp closure mechanism stabilizes the loads when dropping the barbell.

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    Lifter Weightlifting Belt is a lightweight alternative to the traditional leather weightlifting belt. It provides firm and stable support of the lower back and abdomen throughout squats, hang cleans and deadlifts. Lifter hook&loop design and black roller tensioning buckle allow for a fully customizable, extra-secure fit. It also makes it easy to quickly…

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    The THORN FIT Weighlifting belt is a lightweight alternative to classic heavy belts. It provides strong and stable lumbar support during squats, rows and deadlifts.