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    THORN FIT Lifting straps will allow you to use more weight during workouts and improve your performance.

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    Soft and comfortable training mat with dimensions of 173×61 cm made of soft and ecological TPE material. The surface texture prevents slipping and the underside is dirt resistant. Ideal for yoga and club training.

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    Hybrid Lady Roller is the latest product from the mobility group aimed at women. The roller is designed to relieve muscle tension after training and to help break up muscle tangles. Hybrid Roller is made of EPP – an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable foam. It is extremely lightweight yet […]

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    THORN FIT Lady Resistance Bands Set consist of 3 different bands with different stretchability and resistance: gray – LIGHT; salmon-colored – MEDIUM, pink – STRONG.Resistance bands are great training tool for glute activation training, scapular stability movements and injury prevention exercises. They are durable, easy to clean and can be […]

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    The set consists of 3 bands of different resistance for mobilisation, activation and stabilisation exercises and functional training. The bands have been designed with women in mind – both in terms of colours and resistance strength. The Thorn Fit textile Lady belts are woven from a special material that provides comfort during workouts and does not cause an unpleasant stretching sensation on the skin.

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    Ball bearings and long, steel tip, handles reinforced with caps and professional cord closed in a durable casing with a smaller clamping screw significantly increase the rope’s durability and training quality. Lady Speedrope skipping rope includes a new bag with GET FIT FOR YOUR PASSION graphics. Technical modifications that have […]

Range of high performance training equipment dedicated to women, who want to improve core stability, balance and work on strength, power, speed and acceleration.