THORN FIT Dead Lift Bar 20kg


The THORN FIT Deadlift Bar is the perfect deadlift bar. This consists of a combination of high strength steel – 195,000 PSI, a longer overall length of 230 cm instead of the standard 220 cm and a reduced grip diameter to 27 mm. With the above features, the Deadlift Bar from Thorn Fit can be lifted from a higher point.

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Deadlift Bar from Thorn Fit

This bar is designed specifically for deadlifting. It has a strength of up to 195,000 PSI, a smaller shank diameter of 27 mm and an increased length of up to 230 cm. By using this combination, we have created the perfect deadlift bar with a special stiffness that allows you to lift the bar from a higher point. The Deadlift Bar bends to an optimal degree before it leaves the ground. It is specifically designed to increase the play/flexibility at the first phase of the movement, potentially increasing the amount of weight that can be lifted.

Aggressive knurling has been applied to provide maximum strength and grip stability. The griffin is finished in black zinc and has no center knurl.

Dead pull

This is an exercise that develops the extensors of the back, as well as the quadriceps and biceps femoris, gluteus maximus and widest back muscles, and indirectly almost all the muscles in the body. This combination of muscle involvement during the deadlift makes it one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises. It allows you to prepare your body, especially your back and legs, for heavy loads.

Dead pull is one of the fights in strength triathlon, and lifting heavy loads shows the overall good physical condition and great strength of the exerciser. It is also one of the competitions of strongman competitions.


  • length of the rod: 2300 mm
  • length of the grip part: 1420 mm
  • length of head with place for load: 380 mm
  • flange width: 64 mm
  • Diameter: 27 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg/44 lbs
  • Head diameter: 50 mm
  • Load capacity: 680 kg/1500 lbs
  • Finish: black zinc
  • Movable heads
  • Hand space rings: 32”
  • Aggressive knurling: 30 cm gap 0.5 cm-20,6 cm-40 cm gap-20,6 cm-0.5 cm gap-30 cm