THORN FIT Hybrid Lady Roller


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Hybrid Lady Roller is the latest product from the mobility group aimed at women.
The roller is designed to relieve muscle tension after training and to help break up muscle tangles.
Hybrid Roller is made of EPP – an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable foam. It is extremely lightweight yet durable due to its excellent impact absorbing properties. EPP is odourless, resistant to contamination and easy to sanitise.
The roller consists of 2 elements: a black and pink medium density roller and a pink cylinder with a higher density, which can be used as a stiffening insert or as an additional roller with a smaller diameter.
The Hybrid Roller is aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and compact – it fits easily into a gym bag.

Fields of use:

mobility, stretching, rehab, prehab


 • material: EPP
 • weight: 143 g (including insert weight – 33 g)
 • length: 34,5 cm
 • diameter: 14cm
 • insert diameter: 6 cm
 • unique design allows for targeted massage
 • durable, dirt resistant and easy to clean
 • inodorous, safe and hygienic storage
 • color: black&pink
 • environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable foam
 • designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down

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