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THORN+fit Training bumper plates are made of quality virgin rubber and are equipped with a stainless steel inserts.
These high-performance bumpers offer less bounce, durability and good economical choice for home use or any training facility.
Training bumper plates have been given raised and colour coded lettering.
A convenient lip on the edge of the plate also makes it easier to pick up from the rack or off the ground.
Each bumper is an IWF standard 450MM in diameter, but with a thinner width comparing to Enduro bumpers, enabling more weight to be loaded on the bar.
Training bumpers score an average of 88 on the durometer scale, so you can expect also less bounce compering to Enduro bumper plates.
Fields of use

weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, functional training, multipurpose


  • Outside Diameter: 450mm
  • Inside Diameter: 50.5mm
  • Stainless Steel Inserts
  • Durometer indication for plate weight 10kg/15kg/20kg/25kg: 88 +/- 2
  • Durometer indication for plate weight 5kg: 93 +/- 2
  • Minimal Bounce
  • Color: black with raised lettering
  • Color-coded THORN+fit logo and weight indication
  • Lip on the edges for easier pick-up from the rack or off the ground
  • Training plate width:
  • 5KG (white): 24mm
  • 10KG (green): 40mm
  • 15KG (yellow): 60mm
  • 20KG (blue): 68mm
  • 25KG (red): 80mm

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