Thorn Fit Performance Studio Mat


Soft, comfortable and lightweight 120×60 cm training mat made of PVC with laminated foam. Surface texture prevents slipping and is dirt resistant.

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The Thorn Fit Performance Studio Exercise Mat is made of PVC with laminated foam. This construction is excellent at absorbing energy, and the foam is soft and easily conformable.
Due to its high strength and rigidity, the mat is recommended for stationary use in professional gyms and at home, it is 8 mm thick and has small dimensions of 120×60 cm and has special brackets for hanging on the wall. We gave our mats comfortable structure and texture which prevents the mat from slipping on the floor and during exercises.
The closed cell structure of the mat prevents absorption of sweat, dirt, etc. PVC material safe for health.
The 120×60 cm size provides a surface on which you can comfortably perform any exercise, including stretching and mobility training.
The training mat significantly increases the comfort of exercises at the gym and in gymnasiums. It can be successfully used at home. In addition, it allows you to hang it on the wall.
Range of use:
training, yoga, mobility, rehabilitation, stretching


  • material: PVC with laminated foam
  • length: 120 cm
  • width: 60 cm
  • thickness: 8 mm
  • weight:
  • special structure prevents dirt and slipping

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