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  • 2,00

    A high-quality silicone wristband from THORN FIT that perfectly emphasizes that training is more than just an activity in itself!

    Get fit for your passion!

    The armband is resistant to any conditions, has a universal size and does not restrict movement.

  • 999,00

    THORN FIT Balls Storage fitness ball rack is a must-have for any gym. Thanks to its sturdy construction, you can store balls of any type on it. Mounting to the wall allows you to make maximum use of the available space.

  • 129,00

    The Thorn Fit Pull-Up Bar is a versatile addition to the home and professional gym. It is perfect for exercises to strengthen the upper muscles, including the back, shoulders and forearms.

  • 399,00

    HEAVY METAL BAR has been made of high quality steel with a length of 2.2m and a maximum load of up to 680 kg! Precisely made sleeves has been equipped with 4 needle bearings that ensure smooth rotation. Additionally, sleeves have a special finish that increases stability of the plates. This bar’s knurling is medium sharp to support grip endurance and offer best performance for functional training.

  • 599,00

    The POWER LIFT BAR 20 kg is made of high-quality steel with a length of 220 cm and a maximum load of up to 680 kg. Movable heads ensure smooth rotation. The bar has been embossed to ensure maximum secure grip and stable hold on the magnesia.

  • 249,00

    The Thorn Fit Axle Bar is a simple training barbell without pivot sleeves. The shorter design and increased diameter translates into a new and interesting challenge compared to a regular barbell.

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    The THORN FIT Deadlift Bar is the perfect deadlift bar. This consists of a combination of high strength steel – 195,000 PSI, a longer overall length of 230 cm instead of the standard 220 cm and a reduced grip diameter to 27 mm. With the above features, the Deadlift Bar from Thorn Fit can be lifted from a higher point.

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    The Open Trap Bar has all the benefits of Trap Bar, while providing better and more comfortable access to variety of training movements. Thanks to the open design of the trap bar, you can perform more exercises, such as strides. The Open Trap bar has three grip thicknesses options for varying exercises and grading their difficulty.

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    The adjustable exercise bench is a basic, essential piece of equipment for every gym, both professional and home. Solidly made, load capacity up to 600 kg, comfortable and versatile adjustable are the most important features of Thorn Fit Gym Adjustable Bench.

  • 79,90

    THORN FIT Parallette Handrails for push-ups are professional handrails used in training with own body weight. To train with Paraletka we do not need additional weights, we use our own body weight.

  • 99,00

    Thorn Fit 10 Bar Storage is a rack that will make the most of your box space and home gym. The design allows you to store up to 10 griffins. It has a special polymer finish that protects the grips from damage and scratches. Storing barbells in a horizontal position extends their life.

  • 4,90

    Replacement skipping rope for the Thorn Fit Speed Rope Lady in pink. Specifications: length: 3.6 m diameter: 2.2 mm transparent rope cover protecting against abrasion

  • 4,90

    Replacement skipping rope for the Thorn Fit Speed Rope ROCK in red. Specifications: length: 3 m diameter: 4 mm Compatibility: skipping rope Speed Rope ROCK

  • 32,90

    Soft, comfortable and lightweight 120×60 cm training mat made of PVC with laminated foam. Surface texture prevents slipping and is dirt resistant.

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    The Thorn Fit Pull-Up Bar is a versatile addition to the home and professional gym. It will be perfect for muscle and spine strengthening exercises and to maintain a slim figure.