Enduro training bumper 10kg


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These heavy duty bumper plates are made of extremely durable recycled and vulcanised rubber to absorb multiply impacts and adapt to extreme workouts inside and outside of the training facility.
THORN+fit Enduro Bumper Plates are resistant to repeated drops, bending and cracking.
Whole bumper consist of granulated rubber and is equipped with durable stainless steel insert for smooth plate exchange during workouts.

THORN+fit Enduro Bumper Plates are made in EU (Poland). Think globally and act locally.

Fields of use

functional training, weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, multipurpose

  • outer diameter of bumper: 450mm (IWF standards)
  • inner hole opening: 50,5mm
  • insert type: steel disc, zinc plated
  • color: black with raised lettering
  • finish: mat
  • lip on the edges for easier pick-up
  • bumper thickness: 6 cm

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