THORN FIT Open Trap Bar


The Open Trap Bar has all the benefits of Trap Bar, while providing better and more comfortable access to variety of training movements. Thanks to the open design of the trap bar, you can perform more exercises, such as strides. The Open Trap bar has three grip thicknesses options for varying exercises and grading their difficulty.

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Open Trap Bar Thorn FIT

Because of the opened front part of the trap bar, it’s possible to use the Open Trap Bar for strides, free weight transfer during the farmer’s walk and other exercises. Deadlift exercises with the Open Trap Bar are safer than with a traditional straight barbell because the load is centered and more balanced, causing less stress on the spine.
Open Trap Bar training is also ideal for beginners interested in developing basic strength levels.

Convenience of use

An undeniable advantage of the Open Trap Bar is the built-in stands that make it significantly easier to apply and remove the overlap. Thanks to them, you can apply the overlap without using additional stands.
Three rotating handles of different diameters are responsible for comfortable grip. Thanks to this solution, everyone is able to vary the type of exercise and choose the most comfortable option for themselves, and the appropriate knurling reduces slipping and makes it easier to hold on to the magnesia.
The profiled part of the barbell allows you to perform lifts more comfortably and safely.

Solid workmanship

The Thorn Fit Open Trap Bar is made of thick, durable steel with a rectangular cross-section. This design provides adequate stiffness of the barbell and high strength to withstand the load, which can be up to a maximum of 300kg.


  • Total length: 218cm
  • Length of the grip part: 56.5cm
  • Grip diameter: 25mm/40mm/50mm
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Head diameter: 50mm
  • Total head length: 56cm
  • Load head length: 43cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 300kg
  • Double knurling of the grip part

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