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    Soft, comfortable and lightweight 120×60 cm training mat made of PVC with laminated foam. Surface texture prevents slipping and is dirt resistant.

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    Soft and comfortable training mat with dimensions of 173×61 cm made of soft and ecological TPE material. The surface texture prevents slipping and the underside is dirt resistant. Ideal for yoga and club training.

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    Compact and durable, the Thorn Fit Stability Pad Balance Mat provides optimal cushioning and controlled instability for use in strength training and rehabilitation, and increases mobility stability.

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    Ab Mat ThornFit is a great product to strengthen all abdominal muscle groups. The specially shaped geometry of the mat allows you to increase the range of exercise movements. The appropriately selected density of the foam perfectly adapts to the natural curvature of the spine in the lumbar region, so that exercises are performed in a way that prevents injuries.

    The foamed bottom panel makes it possible to stabilize the ThornFit Ab Mat, preventing it from sliding during exercise.

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    The high quality, durable stability ball provides instability for dynamic strength training and to improve core stability. Integrate balance training into all levels of sports performance training or rehabilitation. Fields of use core stability and balance Features 33 cm diameter hand pump included even surface on the top spiked surface…

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    Our newest training mat is manufactured from TPE material. It is very light and easy to transport (mat is 4mm thickness, and weights only 525g). We have upgraded our training mats with textured surface on both sides to prevent slippage. TPA training mat is recommended for allergy sufferers as TPE…